Our Services

Metro Homes, Inc. works in collaboration with other agencies, employers and community organizations to
provide persons with a range of life experiences and opportunities based on their changing needs and interest.

Residential Services

We provide safe and luxurious homes and apartments which are well furnished and personalized to suit each person.

Developmental and Intellectual disabilities

We provide quality professional services to persons with Developmental and Intellectual

Supported Living with Transportation

We also provide opportunities for people who are seeking to live more independent lives in

Our Affiliates

We are affiliated with the following companies

Why choose Metro Homes?

The Metro Homes advantage

We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff

We provide a variety of individual and group activities and benefit from several active treatment services

We employ the multidisciplinary Team approach to ensure our clients are well catered for.

Our facilities have the best of amenities to ensure people are well taken care of

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